Konrad Max Kunz composes the Bavarian song

The final was no less dramatic a year later, on June 14, 1931, in the Müngersdorfer Stadium in Cologne. Between 1926 and 1931 they reached the final of the German championship six times in a row. The years 1926 to 1931 were the most successful in Hertha's club history. Three years after forced relegation, Hertha BSC returned to Germany's elite class. In this way, the Hertha BSC club shows on a small scale what was true for German society as a whole. Three years before the introduction of the Bundesliga, they fought for supremacy in the western part of today's federal capital and, in particular, for admission to the yet-to-be-founded top German league. In Berlin, community sports replaced traditional association and club structures for a few years. "Hertha was not a Nazi club" – this was the verdict made by the later Dutch national player Abraham "Bram" Leonardus Appel, who was deported to Berlin as a forced laborer in 1942 and was hostile to the Nazis. For Italy, Johnson took part in the World Championships in the top division in 2010, 2012 and 2014 and in Division I in 2009, 2011 and 2013, where he and his team were promoted to the top division as group winners.

In front of 50,000 spectators, the Berliners were 1-2 behind against 1860 Munich until the 75th minute before Hertha legend Hanne Sobek (1900-1989), who had already brought his team back into the game the previous year, turned the match around. He was also in the squad for the 2015 African Championships, but his team was eliminated after the group stage after a negative draw against the Guinea team with the same number of points and goals. On the 18thOn April 1, 1970, they managed a 9-1 win against Borussia Dortmund – who were directly next to them in fifth place – which is still the highest victory for a Hertha team in Bundesliga history. However, the lawn athletes took revenge in the final round with a 2-1 win against Offenbach and won the 1949 German championship against Borussia Dortmund. In 1950, the Oßwald protégés moved into the DFB final against the southern runner-up VfB as third place in the south Stuttgart. During the 2005/06 season he was at number one in the draft ranking for North American outfield players, but slipped to third place and ended up in fifth place shortly before the draft. Kelly Kainz and her husband Andy currently live in Carinthia and train the young talent in the national squad of the Austrian Dance Sports Association. At a press conference on the 13thIn February 1995 he justified his decision by saying that he wanted to take on a new challenge in his life.

In addition, in June 2010 he was tasked with finding a new coach for Liverpool FC. Shortly afterwards, construction of the new stadium at Gesundbrunnen began on the site, which was inaugurated on February 9, 1924 with a league game against VfB Pankow. Financially strengthened and with the "Plumpe" as a venue, Hertha rose to become one of the strongest teams in the German Reich in the following years. The "Plumpe" did not meet the necessary requirements for the Bundesliga, so Hertha BSC played at the start against 1. FC Nuremberg competed in front of 60,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium. The Derby della Madonnina also took place twice (2002/03 and 2004/05), with AC Milan beating their city rivals Inter both times. Toni Polster was second in the top scorers list with his 21 goals. It was Wernicke who maintained correspondence with the approximately 300 Hertha players during the Second World War who were deployed as soldiers, especially on the Eastern Front, and who, supported by his wife Martha and the Reichspost – she opened her own post office at Gesundbrunnen specifically for them These broadcasts – together with his information letters, sent a copy of the "Football Week" to the front every week. Christian Eichler: 7:1 – The game of the century: When the Brazilian myth shattered and Germany's fourth star rose.

Nevertheless, gaming operations were resumed in some regions of Germany as early as 1946. The popular sports facility for Hertha supporters was also rebuilt after the end of the war and games began again at the Plumpe in June 1946. When the contract player statute also applied to this league from the following season and the East Berlin clubs switched to GDR football, it was renamed the Berlin Contract League. The fifth was in the private possession of the Greek collector Georges Embiricos for years. He secured a professional perspective away from the football field as a radio reporter and, when it seemed inevitable to continue his radio career, he also became a party comrade. The extensive report for Bernd Schiphorst and the club was published in 2009 as a book under the title Hertha under the Swastika – a Berlin football club in the Third Reich by the Göttinger workshop publishing house. The Berliners finished the 1969/70 and 1970/71 seasons in third place. The two goals conceded in the third third were only a correction to the result.

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